LomoApparat 35mm film camera

LomoApparat 35mm film camera

LomoApparat 35mm film camera


If you (or someone you know) are constantly buying disposable cameras you should have a look at this Lomography LomoApparat.

A re-usable 35mm film camera with a wiiiiiiiiide angle (21mm), a built-in flash and a few creative add-ons (optional! Camera can be used normally as well, thank you Lomography!)

Camera comes in a nice box, ideal for gifting 🙂

The Neubau Edition comes with a leather trim.

  • Finally a wide angle (21mm!) re-usable film camera.
  • No more disposable cameras! Once you are done with your roll, just pop in a new roll of 36 exposures and you’re set.
  • Built-in flash with creative colour gels.
  • Camera can be used as is or with Lomography’s usual set of quirky add-ons, including a close-up lens, a kaleidoscope attachment and their patented Splitzer.
  • Choose between 1/100th second shutter speed and Bulb mode (you decide the length, handy for long exposures).
  • Create multiple exposures with the flick of a switch.
  • Tripod mount.


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