Godox 5in1 Reflector

Godox 5in1 Reflector

Godox 5in1 Reflector


The Godox 5in1 reflector is an indispensable accessory and is so easy to always have with you.

Unfolded its diameter is 80cm.

Use the White, Silver and Gold reflectors to direct light, lift shadows and add/substract warmth.

The black side is handy to control light that might be bouncing in your scene and give you the option to darken a side of your composition.

Lastly the translucid mesh is ideal to soften shadows and filter a light source that might be too harsh.

  • Small yet gives you many options for controlling light on your next photoshoot. Invaluable for portrait sessions, product and food photography.
  • White/Silver/Gold panels bounce light onto your subject.
  • Translucent option helps to soften light.
  • Black panel to cut out and darken light already bouncing onto your subject.


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