Godox V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash

Godox V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash

Godox V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash


This is the flash for event photographers!

With its powerful output, rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of 480 full-powered shots and fast 1.5 second recycle time, the Godox V860iii has been a popular seller for enthusiasts and pros alike.

The Godox V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash is fully compatible with Godox’s line of wireless triggers, offering you the many possibilities of off-camera lighting.

Choose the right option for full compatibility with your camera.

  • The improved high-capacity lithium-ion battery supports your photographic journey with a fast charge time (1.5 seconds maximum) and 480 flashes at full power.
  • A modeling light has been added to the V860III speedlight, making easier to visualize the end result.
  • The V860III operates in TTL, Manual and Multi flash modes. All functions such as HSS (up to 1/8000 sec), FEC, FEB, second-curtain sync, etc., help you capture every great moment quickly, precisely and creatively.
  • The Flash head can be zoomed from 20mm to 200mm automatically or manually, allowing you to conveniently adjust the light beam.
  •  The V860III is compatible with Godox X System triggers such as the X1, X2 and Xpro.


  • Godox V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash
  • Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Mini Stand
  • Protective Case
  • Original packaging


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