Cullman Mundo 522TC Carbon tripod

Cullman Mundo 522TC Carbon tripod

Cullman Mundo 522TC Carbon tripod


A super value for a well-built carbon travel tripod. Full height is 1.35 metres and it can carry up to 5 kg.

Beautiful alloy construction.

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  • Despite the small packing size of only 31.5 cm, it offers a working height of 135.5 cm when fully extended and ensures a comfortable eyepiece height when the camera is mounted.
  • Due to the use of high-quality materials, such as CNC milled aluminum parts and anodized tripod legs and center column, the MUNDO 522 weighs only 1160 grams, but provides a stable basis for ambitious shots.
  • Practical and fast are the quick-clamp screw connections of the tripod legs as well as the 2-fold extendable center column.
  • The 3-fold angle adjustment of the tripod legs including the macro position is standard in the entire MUNDO tripod world. Especially for macro images close to the ground, a short center column is included.
  • With a load capacity of 5 kg, the MUNDO 522TC is particularly suitable for modern CSC cameras, but also for lightweight DSLR cameras with compact lenses.
  • 10-year warranty

Tripod Height Max135.5 cm
Tripod height min17 cm
Tripod pack size31.5 cm
Carrying capacity5 kg
Weight1020 g


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