Sony WX350 Compact Camera

Sony WX350 Compact Camera

Sony WX350 Compact Camera


The Sony WX350 Compact Camera is the smallest digicam with a 20x zoom. Fits easily in a pocket or bag so you always have it with you. Plus the wi-fi transfer option means you can share the images on your socials in the the press of a few buttons and without cables.

Extra points for the tilting screen which flips over for those all-important selfies! 😎

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  • Our smallest camera at 95 x 55 x 26 mm –  and a x20 or a deck of cards.
  • Digital camera with 18 megapixels and a 20x optical zoom for clear pictures in good light.
  • This is a perfect option for photographers who want something easy to use, light and that is not a smartphone.
  • Switch between photos and videos effortlessly.
  • You can send photos wirelessly to your phone or tablet by using Sony’s free Imaging Edge App.


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