Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G

Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G

Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G



The Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G is going to be the standard zoom that makes a lot of photographers reconsider their kit ( and maybe brand allegiance?)

The wider end is perfect for vlogging and creating content in the first person. Whether you are a professional, a business owner or a hobbyist, the Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G lens is sure to be your most used tool.


Key features making the Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G an excellent choice for content creation, vlogging, videography and stills photography:

  • Incredibly sharp: Advanced optical design ensures outstanding resolution.
  • Beautifully smooth backgrounds: A circular 9-blade aperture on this Sony FE 20-70 mm F4 G lens creates beautiful background bokeh defocus effects.
  • Fast and precise autofocus: Two  linear motors deliver faster, more accurate focusing.
  • Bright in all weathers: A constant F4 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range maintains brightness. A fluorine coating repels water, oil and other contaminants—another reason this is a great Sony G lens for all-round shooting.
  • Professional ergonomics: A dust and moisture resistant lightweight design and versatile controls makes this lens easy to use in difficult scenarios both indoors and outdoors.


72mm UV Filter


72mm Circular Polarizer


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