Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens


Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens


Manufacturers promised smaller and more convenient lenses when they first introduced us to mirrorless cameras.

With this new Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens pancake lens – you can easily turn your Nikon Z-series mirrorless camera into something more manageable.

Slip the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens in your pocket and you will always have a sharp, close-focusing wide-angle lens at hand.

This lens is equally suited for the crop-sensor Nikon Z cameras like the Z fc, Z 30 and Z 50, where it will act like a 40mm lens.

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  • Positively tiny – only 125 grams and 1 inch high! No excuse for not having this in your kit.
  • The 26mm focal length is spot on for street photography, everyday snapshots and video recordings.
  • The close minimum focus distance of 20 centimeters is handy for filing the frame with your subjects, such as food, pets, flowers, etc…
  • The bright f/2.8 aperture give you the versatility to choose to blur out backgrounds or not and to keep you ISO down when the light gets low at the end of the day.

Lens TypeFixed Wide-Angle
Lens MountNikon Z
Filter Diameter52mm
Focal Length26mm
Compatible Format SizesFull-Frame and Crop sensor
Image StabilisationNo
Max Aperturef/2.8
Minimum Focus0.2m
Max Magnificationx 0.17
Weather SealingNo
Lens Hood SuppliedYes
Lens HoodHB-111
Size70 mm x 23.5 mm


52mm UV Filter


52mm Circular Polarizer


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