Kodak Funsaver 39exposures

Kodak Funsaver 39exposures

Kodak Funsaver 39exposures


We are big advocates for getting your photos printed and that is surely one of the reasons why single use cameras like the Kodak Funsaver 27+12 are so popular.

Leave your phone in the bag, head out with your plastic fantastic and create some memories.

The Kodak Funsaver 27+12 has the advantage to be loaded with 37 exposures of beautiful Kodak 35mm film.

And we process it here in store!

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  • Filled with 39 colour photos – perfect for weddings, vacations and the holiday season. Oh and those mad nights out!
  • Includes a flash for when the light gets dim.
  • Once you’re done just drop it into a photo lab like ours to get prints and scans.
  • Kodak ISO800 colour film.